Princess Mononoke
Princess Mononoke

Rayna Denison

Rayna Denison is Senior Lecturer in the School of Art, Media and American Studies at the University of East Anglia, UK, specializing in Japanese and Asian film and television cultures. Denison is the author of Anime: A Critical Introduction (2015), has co-edited the Eisner Award-nominated Superheroes on World Screens (2015) as well as publishing in a wide range of academic journals including Cinema Journal, the International Journal of Cultural Studies and Velvet Light Trap. Her research interests include anime, Japanese cinema, comic book movies and children’s film and television, especially animation. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Bloomsbury Academic, 2018


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Book chapter

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Animation, Fantasy



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Beyond Girlhood in Ghibli: Mapping Heroine Development against the Adult Woman Anti-hero in Princess Mononoke

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