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Agnes Varda
Image: Agnès Varda at work on Cléo de 5 à 7 (Roger Viollet/Getty Images)

Agnès Varda 1928-2019

“I had a world. I don't think I had a career. I made films.”

    - Agnès Varda, 2009

Agnès Varda was not only a pioneering film-maker in her own right, but a key figure in the French New Wave movement, characterised by its realist style, influenced by Italian neorealism and Hollywood, its subject matter of intrigue and crime and its questioning of bourgeois social norms. Hilary Neroni’s study of Varda’s classic Cléo de 5 à 7 situates Varda as part of the French New Wave and as an avowedly feminist film maker.

In an article for the French film journal Positif, Varda herself looks back on forty years of film-making since the release of her first feature La Pointe Courte (1955) and her artistic debt to the great director Luis Buñuel. As Kate Ince describes in her book The Body and the Screen, Varda’s documentary Les plages d’Agnès (2008) mixes autobiographical narration with installation art and filmic and photographic montage in an evocative journey through her life and film-making career.

Homepage Varda image: PARIS, FRANCE - JULY 3: Agnès Varda at Kering office on July 3, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo by Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images for Kering)