Charles Hawtrey 1914–1988

Charles Hawtrey 1914–1988: The Man Who Was Private Widdle

by Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis is the author of The Life and Death of Peter Sellers ('His research here has staggering breadth and depth, as does his relentless power of insight tempered with humanity.' The Hollywood Reporter), which is being developed as a biopic by HBO, and The Real Life of Laurence Olivier ('A passionate and monumental celebration of a genius.' Arthur Miller in the Sunday Times), which has formed the basis of a documentary for Channel 4. His biography of Anthony Burgess is published by Faber, in November 2002. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Faber & Faber, 2001
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    9780571210893 (paperback)

    9780571343676 (online)
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    First Edition
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Charles Hawtrey 1914–1988
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Charles Hawtrey, the skinny one with the granny glasses, was everybody's favourite in the "Carry On" films. Incorporating interviews with the major players, this biography examines Hawtrey's origins as a child star and as a performer in revue and the Will Hay films. it looks at his career on radio and television, and then at the sad, slow decline of a belligerent, alcoholic recluse on the Kent coast.