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Projections 13

Projections 13: Women Film-makers on Film-making

by Isabella Weibrecht

Isabella Weibrecht

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, John Boorman

John Boorman was born in London in 1933. After working as a film reviewer for magazines and radio, he joined the BBC in 1955 as an assistant editor, and later directed a number of documentaries. His first feature was ‘Catch Us If You Can’ in 1965. His latest film, Country of My Skull, opens in 2003. He is a five-time Academy Award-nominee, and was twice awarded Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival for Leo the Last (1970) and The General (1998). He is the author of Money Into Light: The Emerald Forest - A Diary, as well as the being the co-founder and editor of Faber and Faber's long-running series Projections: Film-makers on Film-making. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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and Walter Donohue (eds)
Faber & Faber Limited, 2004
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    978-0-5712-2047-2 (paperback)

    978-0-5713-4432-1 (online)
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    First Edition
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Projections 13
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This edition of Projections brings together women working right across the spectrum of film-making today, through a collection of interviews, conversations and articles. There are contributions from actresses (Frances McDormand, Emily Mortimer, Anna Karina) and directors: Lisa Cholodenko (Laurel Canyon), Katia Lund (City of God) and Susanne Bier (Open Hearts). There is a diary by Rebecca Miller about the making of her Sundance award-winning Personal Velocity; another Sundance winner, Tadpole, is discussed by its writer, Heather McGowan; there’s an article by Allison Anders on one of the great films of the silent era, Linda, by Mrs Wallace Reed; a piece on Jean Renoir by the late and legendary critic Pauline Kael; and independent producer Rosa Bosch talks to legal genius Libby Savill. Also represented are women working in the oft-unsung divisions of film production, distribution and exhibition.

Deeper into this Projections are diverse contributions from: Ingmar Bergman, reflecting on his own films as well as those of his favourite film-makers; the writing/directing duo of the award-winning British film Lawless Heart; the brilliant young American director, David Gordon Green, and George Cukor’s set designer, Gene Allen.