Screening the Red Army Faction

Screening the Red Army Faction: Historical and Cultural Memory

by Christina Gerhardt

Christina Gerhardt is Associate Professor of German at University of Hawai’i at Manoa, USA. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Bloomsbury Academic, 2018
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    978-1-5013-3667-6 (hardback)

    978-1-5013-3668-3 (epub)

    978-1-5013-3669-0 (epdf)

    978-1-5013-3670-6 (online)
  • Edition:
    First edition
  • Place of Publication:
    New York
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Screening the Red Army Faction
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Screening the Red Army Faction: Historical and Cultural Memory explores representations of the Red Army Faction (RAF) in print media, film and art, locating an analysis of these texts in the historical and political context of unfolding events. In this way, the book contributes both a new history and a new cultural history of post-fascist era West Germany that grapples with the fledging republic’s most pivotal debates about the nature of democracy and authority; about violence, its motivations and regulation; and about its cultural afterlife. Looking back at the history of representations of the RAF in various media, this book considers how our understanding of the Cold War era, of the long sixties and of the RAF is created and re-created through cultural texts.