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...Short Cuts DAVID THOMPSON: How did you come to think of Raymond Carver's short stories as material for a film?. ROBERT ALTMAN: I was on an airplane, flying back from Europe in 1990 after a project in Italy had collapsed,Altman and his son...
...Altman as a young boy, already expressing himself with a pencil Early Years Robert Bernard Altman was born on 20 February 1925 in Kansas City, Missouri. His ancestors were German in origin; his great-grandfather Clement, born...

Gosford Park – The Company – Tanner on Tanner

Altman on Altman

Faber & Faber, 2010


...Gosford Park DAVID THOMPSON: What brought you to England to do a period film? ROBERT ALTMAN: Bob BalabanBob Balaban (b. 1945) has had an extensive career on stage, television and film, both as an actor and director, notably of Parents...

Auteurism in the 1990s

The Cinema Book

British Film Institute, 2007


...In the Afterword to the 1998 edition of Signs and Meaning in the Cinema, Peter Wollen wrote: ‘I am still an auteurist’. It is tempting to see the coincidence of auteurism and millennialism contained in the notion ‘auteurism in the 1990s...

Robert Altman and the New Hollywood Musical

The Sound of Musicals

British Film Institute, 2010


...Between 1975 and 1980, director Robert Altman (1925–2006) made eight films, of which three are unquestionably musicals. These three musicals were filmed during one of the most productive and volatile periods in Altman’s career, and amid...

Getting Started

Dan Mirvish

Dan Mirvish is a director, screenwriter, producer, inventor and author. Mentored by Robert Altman on his first film, Omaha (the movie), Dan co-founded the Slamdance Film Festival. Dan's film Open House forced the Academy Awards® to rewrite their rules, and he also co-wrote the critically-acclaimed novel I Am Martin Eisenstadt. His award-winning film Between Us played in 23 festivals and sold to 144 countries. Dan’s latest film is Bernard and Huey, written by the legendary Jules Feiffer. He’s also written for Filmmaker Magazine, Indiewire and The Huffington Post. Dan has a master’s degree in film from USC and has guest lectured at UCLA, NYU, USC, CalArts and many other film schools. Once labelled a "cheerful subversive" by The New York Times, Mirvish was named one of Variety's Top 50 Creatives to Watch. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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The Cheerful Subversive’s Guide to Independent Filmmaking

Routledge, 2017


... Write a Brilliant Script! Do you have something important to say that can only be expressed as a series of moving images and sound? Did you have a peyote-dosed fever dream at Burning Man that you absolutely must share with the rest...
...More Television DAVID THOMPSON: In spite of your dismissal from Alfred Hitchcock Presents, you went on to work solidly in television for ten years before breaking into feature films. ROBERT ALTMAN: I decided that television was the world...

Where White Men Dream Out Loud: Robert Altman’s West

Cynthia J. Miller

Cynthia J. Miller is a Scholar-in-Residence at Emerson College, USA, and a cultural anthropologist specializing in popular culture and visual media. She serves on the board of the National Popular Culture/American Culture Association, and is Treasurer and Governing Board member of the International Association for Media and History, as well as Director of Communication for the Center for the Study of Film and History. She also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Popular Television. She is the winner of the James Welsh Prize for lifetime achievement in adaptation studies and the Peter C. Rollins prize for a book-length work in popular culture. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Reframing Cult Westerns : From The Magnificent Seven to The Hateful Eight

Bloomsbury Academic, 2020


...Introduction Robert Altman’s West can be overwhelming at first glance. Sweeping landscapes full of vibrant color and gritty grays are animated by icons and antiheroes, strangers, and stereotypes, all struggling to negotiate...

You Don’t Have to Call Us Home, but Please Stay Here: The City Film Commission

The City in American Cinema : Film and Postindustrial Culture

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019


...Many have argued that the development of film commissions in the United States followed the economic development strategies of municipal powers within postindustrial cities to move to a more service-based economy.For example, Lawrence Webb...

Recursive Self-Reflection in The Player

Randy Laist

Randy Laist is Associate Professor of English at Goodwin College, US. He is the author of Technology and Postmodern Subjectivity in Don DeLillo’s Novels and the editor of Plants and Literature: Essays in Critical Plant Studies and Looking for Lost: Critical Essays on the Enigmatic Series. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Cinema of Simulation : Hyperreal Hollywood in the Long 1990s

Bloomsbury Academic, 2015


...Several of Robert Altman’s early films, including McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971), M*A*S*H (1972), and The Long Goodbye (1973), were adaptations of novels, as was his “come-back” film, 1992’s The Player. After more than a decade of being...