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Accident (1965)

Directed by

 Joseph Losey

Written by

Harold Pinter


...The House. Night. Summer. Long shot. The camera is still, looking at the house from outside the gate, up the short curved drive, across the circular gravel court. In a meadow behind the house, dim shapes of animals. The camera moves slowly...
...Day. A Country House A slow, methodical tracking shot through the ground floor of a country house. The camera skims along the walls, floats above the furniture in the living room, and eventually comes to a stop eight feet from the door...

Sri Lanka: Art, Commerce, and Cultural Modernity

Contemporary Asian Cinema : Popular Culture in a Global Frame

Berg, 2006

Book chapter

...The objective of this chapter is to explore the complex interconnections among art, commerce, and cultural modernity in Sri Lankan cinema. My focus of interest is popular cinema. However, in order to examine the nature of popular cinema...