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Between Freedom and Confinement: Music in The World (2004)

Film Moments : Criticism, History, Theory

British Film Institute, 2003


...Jia Zhangke’s The World/Shijie (2004) is set in Beijing’s surreal ‘World’ theme park, 100 acres filled with small-scale replicas of the world’s tourist monuments – the Giza pyramids, London Bridge, the Vatican, even the Manhattan skyline...

Performing Stardom: Actor/Star

Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald is Professor of Cultural and Creative Industries and Vice Dean (People & Planning) for Arts in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at King’s College London, UK. He is the author of The Star System: Hollywood’s Production of Popular Identities (2000); Hollywood Stardom (2013) and Video and DVD Industries (BFI 2007). His co-edited volumes include, with Janet Wasko, The Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry (2008) and with Emily Carman, Eric Hoyt and Philip Drake, Hollywood and the Law (BFI 2015). He is the co-editor, with Michael Curtin, of the BFI series International Screen Industries. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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George Clooney

British Film Institute, 2019


...Like all film actors, Clooney’s professional function on-screen is to represent characters using his body and voice, and yet Clooney is not like other actors, for he belongs to that small elite who are actor-stars. Clooney’s acting portrays...