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...Gulf: Tank Gorgon / Golden Sea. From long ago the Gorgon’s gaze stares through time into our days. Under seas, as slow as oil the Gorgon’s snaky tresses coil. The Gorgon under the golden tide brings ghettos, gulags, genocide. ECU-Land...

Bloody Pit of Horror (Il boia scarlatto)

100 European Horror Films : BFI Screen Guides

British Film Institute, 2007


...Massimo Pupillo’s Bloody Pit of Horror merits special attention for its unique pop culture blending of peplum (‘sword-and-sandal’ movies), fumeti (Italian comic books) and Gothic horror film. It is also one of the first genre films...
...Omar Khayyam Restaurant, Bradford The blasphemers’ banquet table: there on mirrored cushions will sit Voltaire, me, Molière, Omar Khayyam, Lord Byron and that, that’s Salman Rushdie’s chair. It’s perfect for tonight’s blasphemers...


Philip Brophy

Philip Brophy is a film director, composer and sound designer. He is founder of the Cinesonic International Conference of Film Scores and Sound Design from which he has edited three books on film sound and music, the most recent being Cinesonic: Experiencing The Soundtrack (AFTRS Publishing, Sydney 2002). He has also written for The Wire, London, and Film Comment. He teaches cinema studies at RMIT University, Australia, and is the author of the BFI Screen Guides 100 Modern Soundtracks (2004) and 100 Anime (2005). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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100 Anime : BFI Screen Guides

British Film Institute, 2005


...The most frightening part of Gantz is the opening subway station scene. Katou waits for his train. Having witnessed his behaviour at school we know he is desultory, solipsistic, withdrawn, repressed. The subway is ‘real’ but the soundtrack...


Jon Towlson

Jon Towlson is a journalist and film critic. He has written for Starburst, Paracinema, Exquisite Terror, Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies, Shadowland Magazine, Bright Lights Film Journal, and Digital Film-Maker Magazine, and is the author of Subversive Horror Cinema (2014). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Auteur, 2018

Focused Study

...When Candyman was released in 1992, Roger Ebert gave it his thumbs up, remarking that the film was “scaring him with ideas and gore, rather than just gore.” Indeed, Candyman is almost unique in 1990s horror cinema in that it tackles its...

History of Violence

Deeper than Oblivion : Trauma and Memory in Israeli Cinema

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013


...In this essay, we draw on the trends that link together critical theory of culture, mainly that engaging with national identity and narratives, with psychoanalytical-Freudian theory of the subject, in order to explore the concept of trauma....

Britain on the Edge 2: Passions and Repressions

Stephanie Muir

Stephanie Muir is course coordinator of film studies at Richmond upon Thames College, Twickenham, and the author of Studying City of God. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Studying Ealing Studios

Auteur, 2010


...It Always Rains on Sunday David Sharp David Sharp @ http://www.screenonline.org.uk/film/id/486809/. What we see is a morally bankrupt microcosm of post-WWII society, where most characters grab what they can, with no regard for anyone else...

The Influence of the Popular Arts

Ken Dancyger

Ken Dancyger is the author of numerous books on screenwriting, editing, and production. He conducts screenwriting forums and workshops in North America, Europe, and Asia. A past chair of Undergraduate studies in the Department of Film and Television at NYU, he is currently Professor of Film and Television at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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The Technique of Film and Video Editing : History, Theory, and Practice

Focal Press, 2013


... The Influence of the Popular Arts j Film as a narrative form had numerous influences, particularly the popular novel of the nineteenth-century1 and the theatrical genres of spectacle, pan- tomime, and melodrama.2 The character...
...A city wall not quite sure where, no May Day posters plastered there. Flea market. Although it’s May Day no parade disturbs the new free world of trade, only the memory of a choir and from it one voice rising higher The lyra man. out...

Double Trouble

The Griffith Project Volume 8 : Films Produced in 1914–15

British Film Institute, 2004


...Production company: Fine Arts Film Co.Filming date: August–October 1915 (Reliance-Majestic production ledgers; 41 days of production).Location: Fine Arts studio, 4500 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles; exteriors: Santa Ana, CaliforniaPresented...