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Max Sexton

Max Sexton is a lecturer at the University of Surrey, where he currently teaches film and television theory, and an independent scholar. After working in British television, he completed an MA History of Film and Visual Media and a PhD. He is currently interested in the links between aesthetics and technology, the de-stabilization of genre and inter-medial areas between film and television, including debates about the use of live performance and special effects. He co-authored Adapting Science Fiction to Television: Small Screen, Expanded Universe (2015) with Malcolm Cook. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Secular Magic and the Moving Image : Mediated Forms and Modes of Reception

Bloomsbury Academic, 2017

Book chapter

...This book has shown that secular magic and its use on television and film can heighten an awareness of the difficulties of definition and interpretation of particular types of texts. It is possible to analyse them texturally...

Streaming Adaptations

Kyle Meikle

Kyle Meikle is Assistant Professor of Communication and English at the University of Baltimore, USA, and Film Reviews Editor for Adaptation. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Adaptations in the Franchise Era : 2001–16

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019

Book chapter

...When Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s acerbic comedy Fleabag arrived on US shores in September 2016, it did so as an Amazon Original Series, joining the likes of Mozart in the Jungle (2014–), Bosch (2014–), and, a few short months...

Virtual Reality – Tautological Oxymoron

Malcolm Le Grice

Peter Kardia is widely recognised as a radical and influential teacher at both Saint Martins and the Royal College during the 60s and 70s, and his essay on how we should be approaching art and education will be central to the book. Hester Wesley has researched and written on Peter's influence on art education and his teaching at Saint Martins and the Royal College, placing it into wider context of art education generally. The last essay will be by Malcolm Le Grice (art historian) on the influence of the art teacher and art schools in history on the artist. The introduction is by Roderick Coyne who is an artist and who also taught at Saint Martins for 10 years. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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New Screen Media : Cinema/Art/Narrative

British Film Institute, 2002

Book chapter

...For a short while one of my forms of relaxation was flying a light single-engine, high wing monoplane. I particularly enjoyed taking a flight around the bay area of San Francisco – around Berkeley along the Bay Bridge over Treasure Island...

American Science Fiction Post-9/11

Lincoln Geraghty

Lincoln Geraghty is Principal Lecturer in Film Studies and Subject Leader for Media Studies in the School of Creative Arts, Film and Media at the University of Portsmouth. He is author of Living with Star Trek: American Culture and the Star Trek Universe, editor of The Influence of Star Trek on Television, Film and Culture, and co-editor of The Shifting Definitions of Genre: Essays on Labelling Films, Television Shows and Media. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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American Science Fiction Film and Television

Berg, 2009

Book chapter

...The events of September 11, 2001, are now part of history, yet the images of that day are indelibly etched on the minds of millions of people around the world. So dramatic was the effect of this one day on the American psyche that many...

The Hidden Conscience of Estimated Palestine

Elia Suleiman

Elia Suleiman is a Palestinian film-maker; his recent feature films include Chronicle of a Disappearance (1996) and Divine Intervention (2002). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Theorising National Cinema

British Film Institute, 2006

Book chapter

...This article is an extract from a longer work, also called ‘The Hidden Conscience of Estimated Palestine’ and was originally published in UTS Review 2(2) (Nov. 1996): 163–7.This epilogue (epitaph) is dedicated to the Palestinian TV to be....

Video: Flow and Feedback

Janna Houwen

Janna Houwen is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Film and Literary Studies, Leiden University, The Netherlands. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Film and Video Intermediality : The Question of Medium Specificity in Contemporary Moving Images

Bloomsbury Academic, 2017

Book chapter

...Antisocial flow, narcissistic feedback Socialization is often measured by exposure to media messages. Anyone underexposed to media (and hence to information) is considered to be desocialized or virtually asocial. Baudrillard and other...

Abyss and Peak

Rikke Schubart

Rikke Schubart is Associate Professor in Media Studies at the Institute for the Study of Culture, University of Southern Denmark in Odense, Denmark. Her research focuses on gender, genre, and emotions in cinema and media. Schubart’s publications include Bloomsbury’s recent Women of Ice and Fire: Gender, Game of Thrones and Multiple Media Engagements (2016, co-edited with Anne Gjelsvik), Eastwood’s Iwo Jima: A Critical Engagement with Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima (2013, co-edited with Anne Gjelsvik), and Super Bitches and Action Babes: The Female Hero in Popular Cinema, 1970–2006 (2007). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Mastering Fear : Women, Emotions, and Contemporary Horror

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018

Book chapter

...With this chapter, we come to the old woman in horror. There may be old horror heroines who are protagonists, however, I have not met them.It can be argued that the medium in Insidious 3 (2015, Leigh Whannell) functions as the protagonist...

Socialist Night Fever

Popular Music and the Moving Image in Eastern Europe

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019

Book chapter

...I remember a party at my friend’s flat, an opera singer. Some 500 people showed up. It was winter. The hall was full, outside 100 more waiting. Some held the elevator doors and made their own party there. The police arrived and tried...

The Legacy

Robert Shail

Robert Shail is Professor of Film in the Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University, UK, and formerly Head of Film and Media at the University of Wales, Lampeter. He has published widely on British cinema and the representation of masculinity. Recent publications include 'Anarchy in the UK: Reading Beryl the Peril via Historic Conceptions of Childhood' in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics. He was awarded a Leverhulme Fellowship in 2012 to investigate the history of the Children's Film Foundation. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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The Children's Film Foundation : History and Legacy

British Film Institute, 2016

Book chapter

...In the early 1970s, when Iain Smith first worked for the Children’s Film Foundation as a production manager on The Camerons, it was thriving, making six or more hour-long feature films a year, alongside a sprinkling of shorter offerings...

Digital Intimacies: Aesthetic and Affective Strategies in the Production and Use of Online Video

Ephemeral Media : Transitory Screen Culture from Television to YouTube

British Film Institute, 2011

Book chapter

...In 2007, I made an online hypermedia narrative, Index of Love (Davies, 2007), which used video to signify fragments of experience that are both lost, in that they have been lived through in time, and yet found, in that they continue...