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...I heard a sound I thought was birds but then I swear I heard these words: Shadow San ‘This voice comes from the shadow cast by Hiroshima’s A-bomb blast. The sound you hear inside this case is of a man who fans the face he used to have...
...Beach at Malo les Bains – Continuous The longest, widest beach he’s ever seen, sunlight dazzling off the water, endless dark fences snaking across the sand and out into the water. Tommy squints – not fences, lines of men, hundreds...
...Gulf: Tank Gorgon / Golden Sea. From long ago the Gorgon’s gaze stares through time into our days. Under seas, as slow as oil the Gorgon’s snaky tresses coil. The Gorgon under the golden tide brings ghettos, gulags, genocide. ECU-Land...