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... system to unite the city… Thomas draws spokes through the circle, creating a wheel. Thomas taps his diagram at the central hub of the wheel, then points through the glass to a tall 1930s skyscraper. … and at the center … Wayne Tower. Young...
... and into the river. The truck is branded ‘LAUGHTER ’ but an ‘S’ has been spayed at the front to make ‘SLAUGHTER’ with ‘HA, HA, HA’ all over the side… The Joker’s truck dodges between the support columns and into the oncoming lane – pulls...
... from the papers … Bane Then show me his body. Thug 2 That water runs to any one of the outflows – we’d never find him. Bane turns to the Lead Mercenary. Bane Give me your GPS. Lead Mercenary hands him a GPS – Bane tucks it into Thug 2’s...