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...Street. Day As the credits roll we see Clint on the street: Clint is white, fair-haired, pretty, thin, vain, with much charm and nerve. He suffers from eczema all over his body — skin broken and cracked – so he’s perpetually scratching...

Venus (2006)

Directed by

Roger Michell

Written by

Hanif Kureishi



...The Sea. Day The grey sea: featureless, endless. Maurice’s Bedroom. Dawn. An old man, Maurice, sits on the edge of his bed, staring into the distance. Doctor’s Surgery Waiting Room. Day Maurice sits in a busy doctor’s waiting room...
...Outside a Large Detached House. Day Cherry and Salim get out of their car. Behind them, the Four Jamaicans get out of their car. Cherry and Salim walk towards the house. It is a large falling-down place, in South London. It’s quiet...
...Tube Station. Day A young black man, Danny, stands in the open doors of a tube train. The doors are shutting. He holds them apart for an old woman to get through, yells up at the train guard, slips out himself, and runs up the platform...
...Eurostar Train – Day Darkness: then – A pinprick of light in the distance which grows brighter as we approach. We rush out of a tunnel into the light.Train – Morning As the train bursts into the light, a champagne bottle bursts...
...Suburban House Bedroom. Day The house of May and Toots, a couple in their mid-sixties. They are in bed. She watches the numbers on the clock change until, suddenly, the alarm goes off. It’s 5.30 a.m. Her hand reaches out to turn it off...
...Fingerhut House. Day A large modern house in the country, surrounded by land. Living Room. Fingerhut House. Day In the living room. Mrs Fingerhut, prow, snobbish, middle class, has been entertaining the assembled group for some time...