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Risen from the Vaults: Recent Horror Film Remakes and the American Film Industry

Merchants of Menace : The Business of Horror Cinema

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Book chapter


... the original movies and contemporaneous horror films. Modernizing modern American horror Where they historically occupied fallow periods of the annual release schedule (see Heffernan, 2004), in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries,...

From “Sex Entertainment for the Whole Family” to Mature Pictures: I Jomfruens Tegn and Transnational Erotic Cinema

Grindhouse : Cultural Exchange on 42nd Street, and Beyond

Bloomsbury Academic, 2016

Book chapter


...Near the beginning of Finn Karlsson’s 1973 Danish hard-core film I Jomfruens Tegn (“In the Sign of the Virgin,” US title, Danish Pastries), Mr. Armand (Ole Søltof, star of major studio Palladium’s hugely popular Bedside series), a visiting...