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... as a niche, but as central to securing the desired first-run audience. Through “a conscious effort to attract middle-class women,” the industry sought to “make cinema respectable” (Grieveson, 2001, p. 65; see also Ryan, 1981). Cinematic notions...

Monster Factory: International Dynamics of the Australian Horror Movie Industry

Merchants of Menace : The Business of Horror Cinema

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014



... commercial considerations first, by making films that are more likely to reach a wide audience (Ryan, 2012). For example, the “Producer Offset” was introduced to stimulate Australian production by offering producers a 40 percent rebate...

Campaign Politics, Activism and Hollywood Showbiz

Mark Wheeler

Mark Wheeler is Professor of Political Communications at London Metropolitan University, UK. He is author of Politics and the Mass Media (1997). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Hollywood : Politics and Society

British Film Institute, 2006



... For instance, Lew Wasserman raised campaign funds through celebrity dinners. Industry players such as Wasserman, Sid Sheinberg, David Geffen, Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg contributed to Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns...

The Australian Screen Producer in Transition

Beyond the Bottom Line : The Producer in Film and Television Studies

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014



... work; the ‘consistent findings’ of which, Mark Banks and David Hesmondhalgh say, include that creative work is project-based and irregular, contracts tend to be short-term, and there is little job protection; that there is a predominance...