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...Street A man in shades. His sunglasses and the windshield of the car he drives reflect palm trees flashing by on either side. He is well dressed, in his early forties, with a little rat ponytail. He slows in front of a swank Beverly Hills...
... of a red-stone building with “McKenzie School of Music” across the window, looking everything like a prisoner, as her voice-over explains that her father “made me take extra music lessons every day after school. […] He said if the piano...

Burning Straw Men: The 1979 Revolution and Bahman Farmanara's Stubborn Cosmopolitanism

Cinematic Homecomings : Exile and Return in Transnational Cinema

Bloomsbury Academic, 2015



... are produced.” The end of the film repeats this reference to Kafka through a visual citation as Farjami throws a stone in the water after coming out of the Fellini-esque scene of his own death being filmed. Farmanara's emphasis on Kafka...