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...Shipyard. Day. The voice of the Comentator begins to speak over a LONG SHOT of an empty shipyard. The year is 1937. Leslie Howard voice over This is the story of a ship… A giant crane swings the first section of a Destroyer’s keel across...
...Milford Junction Station. Night. (Location) LONG SHOT, Number 1 Platform of Milford Junction Station. It is early evening. A local train is pulling into the station as a voice over the station loud speaker announces ‘MILFORD JUNCTION’ –...
...Fabers’ Flat. Hall. Day. The door at the far end of the hall opens and Barbara comes out. She closes the door quietly behind her and hurries along the hall and into the drawing room. She is dressed and looks strained and tired, as though...

Auteurism in the 1990s

The Cinema Book

British Film Institute, 2007



... stars, scriptwriters, cinematographers, editors, costume and set designers, music composers) activity in its ‘division of labour, disparate skills and shared responsibilities’ (Coward, 1987, p. 79) that speaking in terms of individual...