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...Night. New York Jazz Club. The Men’s Room Crowd noise outside. Two hundred people clapping rhythmically, urging the featured group to come out on stage. Chanting: ‘Kat-man-du. Kat-man-du.’ Izzy Maurer, a jazz veteran in his late forties...
...Day. A Country House A slow, methodical tracking shot through the ground floor of a country house. The camera skims along the walls, floats above the furniture in the living room, and eventually comes to a stop eight feet from the door...

Smoke (1995)

Directed by

Wayne Wang

Written by

Paul Auster



... to the door. Another customer enters the store: Paul Benjamin. He is in his early forties, dressed in rumpled casual clothes. As he approaches the counter, the Young Man brushes past him and leaves the store. The OTB Men and Jimmy look...
...Day. The Brooklyn Cigar Co. A Man with Unusual Glasses sits behind the counter. Man I think one of the reasons I live in New York is because … I know my way around New York. I don’t know my way around Paris. I don’t know my way around...