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...A NIGHT IN THE LIFE Credit sequence: New York by night. John LeTour nestles in back of a blue car-service sedan, face reflected in the window. Neon mixes with steam, street people with tourists, young dates: each with a different agenda...
...Cocktail Lounge ‒ Night We only see his face, speaking through the shadows. He brushes his index finger lightly across his lips as he speaks. He knows: his lips are his most sexual organ. Julian You know who I...
...TRAVIS GETS A JOB Film opens on exterior of Manhattan cab garage. Weather-beaten sign above driveway reads: ‘Taxi Enter Here.’ Yellow cabs scuttle in and out. It is winter, snow is piled on the curbs, the wind is howling. Inside the garage...

Paul Schrader

Projections 4½ : In association with Positif: Film-makers on Film-making

Faber & Faber Limited, 1995

Book chapter


...I can pin-point the moment my film sensibility was galvanized: April 1969, when I, as a film critic, saw Robert Bresson's Pickpocket (it had just been released in Los Angeles). I wrote about it for two consecutive issues, then went...