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Venus (2006)

Directed by

Roger Michell

Written by

Hanif Kureishi



...The Sea. Day The grey sea: featureless, endless. Maurice’s Bedroom. Dawn. An old man, Maurice, sits on the edge of his bed, staring into the distance. Doctor’s Surgery Waiting Room. Day Maurice sits in a busy doctor’s waiting room...
...Eurostar Train – Day Darkness: then – A pinprick of light in the distance which grows brighter as we approach. We rush out of a tunnel into the light.Train – Morning As the train bursts into the light, a champagne bottle bursts...
...Suburban House Bedroom. Day The house of May and Toots, a couple in their mid-sixties. They are in bed. She watches the numbers on the clock change until, suddenly, the alarm goes off. It’s 5.30 a.m. Her hand reaches out to turn it off...