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The Tenderness of Scissors in Haircut (No. 1)

Warhol in Ten Takes

British Film Institute, 2013



...This essay focuses on Andy Warhol’s 1963 film Haircut (No. 1), which depicts a languid, homoerotic haircutting ‘party’ between four men in a Lower East Side apartment. In a sense, the setting of this film is bohemia itself – a unique set...

How Do Audiences Read Films?

Roy Stafford

Roy Stafford is a freelance lecturer and writer based in West Yorkshire, working in film education with independent cinemas. He is co-author, with Gill Branston, of The Media Student's Book (Routledge, 4th edition 2006) and has produced a wide range of film materials for teachers and students. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Understanding Audiences and the Film Industry

British Film Institute, 2007



... of Brokeback Mountain, Roy Grundmann sets out the case very well: Clearly in evidence is [Larry] McMurtry’s stature as the dean of twilight Westerns – a realist, demystifying subgenre that produced such classics as The Lusty Men (1952),...