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...Outside a Large Detached House. Day Cherry and Salim get out of their car. Behind them, the Four Jamaicans get out of their car. Cherry and Salim walk towards the house. It is a large falling-down place, in South London. It’s quiet...
...Tube Station. Day A young black man, Danny, stands in the open doors of a tube train. The doors are shutting. He holds them apart for an old woman to get through, yells up at the train guard, slips out himself, and runs up the platform...
...Merteuil’s Dressing Room. Day The gilt frame around the mirror on the Marquise de Merteuil’s dressing table encloses the reflection of her beautiful face. For a moment she examines herself; critically, but not without satisfaction. Another...

The Queen (2006)

Directed by

Stephen Frears

Written by

Peter Morgan



... he lets out a strangled cry, as he hears the news. Charles No! Charles roars in pain and disbelief. His knuckles whiten. No, no, no, no! In the doorway: Stephen Lamport, who has...
...Orton and Halliwell's Flat. Night. 1967. Kenneth Halliwell is looking straight at the camera. He is naked and bloody. He looks at something across the room. Halliwell Joe? John? He looks back at the camera. Orton and Halliwell's Flat...
...RIVER THAMES. DAWN In the grey pre-dawn light, the camera moves, fast and low, following the curves of the river, not more than a few inches above its turbid, brownish surface, under bridges, past moored boats, unstable pontoons and long...
...AGRA, 1886 BRITAIN HAS FORMALLY RULED INDIA FOR TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS ABDUL’S ROOM, INDIA A darkened room. Someone is moving in the darkness. Then the shutters of the room are thrown wide open and the blinding light reveals: Abdul,...

Stephen Frears

Projections 4½ : In association with Positif: Film-makers on Film-making

Faber & Faber Limited, 1995

Book chapter


...Alexander MacKendrick with Alec Guiness on the set of The Man in the White Suit.Because of my character, I have always been interested in the engineering of direction. I loved hearing how Mark Sandrich would draw charts of Fred Astaire...