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Shadow Play and Dripping Teat: The Night of the Hunter (1955)

Film Moments : Criticism, History, Theory

British Film Institute, 2003



...Movies are made up of moments, which both accumulate to an end and, in a sense, scatter across our memories. If we think of a movie as something which moves continuously, following the actions of characters and the trajectory of a story...

Phantom Images and Modern Manifestations: Spirit Photography, Magic Theater, Trick Films, and Photography’s Uncanny

Cinematic Ghosts : Haunting and Spectrality from Silent Cinema to the Digital Era

Bloomsbury Academic, 2015



...Abstract: This classic essay, reprinted here, explores a parallel history of the origins of photography, based less on the rational and the evidentiary and more in the uncanny and the supernatural. It draws linkages between psychoanalysis...

Countdown to Zero: Compressing Cinema Time

Compact Cinematics : The Moving Image in the Age of Bit-Sized Media

Bloomsbury Academic, 2017



... or make lunar extraterrestrials disappear in a puff of smoke (see Gunning 1989). Cutting together shots of continuous action in early chase films created a new synthetic flow of action across cuts that formed the basis of fictional filmic...
...First published in Wide Angle, vol. 8 no. 3/4, Fall 1986. Here Gunning’s discussion relates to early cinema in general which includes both live-action and animation, and indeed they were not distinguished...