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... to see Wayne Newton. And then, when I see Wayne Newton, I’m going to chase him down the street … and I’m going to mount him like Trigger! Jumpcut. I want out, and I want to go have fun. And I’m going to. I’m going to, and don’t try to talk me...

Smoke (2010)

Directed by

Wayne Wang

Written by

Paul Auster



...Day. Elevated Subway Train Against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, we see an elevated sub way train heading toward Brooklyn. After a moment, we begin to hear voices. An animated discussion is taking place inside the Brooklyn Cigar...

Facing Taylor Mead’s Ass

Warhol in Ten Takes

British Film Institute, 2013

Book chapter


... York: Hill and Wang, 1975), p. 53.Warhol’s films, however laissez-faire they may seem, are always structured around rigorous omissions and exclusions; it might be best, then, to begin a discussion of Taylor Mead’s Ass by mentioning some...